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Alright, so we're just gonna pretend that this isn't the first entry in more than a year and that it's closing in on a year and a half since I actually managed to finish something to put here. Admittedly, wanted to finish something earlier in this new year but I am rather unexpectedly employed now and it sucks up a surprising amount of time and energy.

Anyway, on the chance that anyone's still following this comm - enjoy! It's a little short (only clocks in at 710 words) but I hope y'all will forever that in light of how long it's been.

Summary: There are worse things that could have happened in a broken down subway car.

Forever, maybe, forever, babyCollapse )

fanfic: "The Land of Enchantment" (slash)

SO, I've been writing fanfic, lately, when I write anything (which is not often), and have been haunting this community for a while, waiting for something to hit me. So many thanks to those of you who've kept this going!

My offering for this week is an Avengers/Agents of Shield fic (written for cc_exchange 2013!), and is possibly the fluffiest thing I've ever written. I hope you enjoy it!

Being perched in the rafters and keeping his sharp eyes on a glowy blue box for weeks gave Clint a lot of time to think. And recently, his thoughts had been occupied with a single subject.Collapse )

I'm so beyond delighted to see other people posting in this comm again, especially since I missed last week's since I had no internet. Can't wait to go read their's, and I hope y'all enjoy what I've got this week.

Graciously beta'ed by grimcognito, this is for the 1000 Themes, theme 34. Slow Dance.

Summary: Ryker knows what he wants in life, but even for a duke there are some things he can't have.

It's for sure, not for maybeCollapse )

Original: 'Upside the bed' - Slash

The fic that didn't want to be - it took me four attempts to write this due to computer crashes :( but I promised myself I'd do another snuggle so hope it will suffice.

So here be fic  -  Upside the bed -  924words

Jacob was not afraid of the creatures under the bed.

Upside the BedCollapse )

info:  Bwgan - Welsh for Bogey(man)

If You Love Me

This was supposed to be ‘Kittens on a Farm’. It has to do with felines, familiar felines, so of course it went where it wanted. Urban fantasy?
This is part of the Wizard's World 'Verse, the Strays arc.

If You Love Me

Original: "Web Surfing." Slash.

Web Surfing m/m

Summary: I've never watched Aracnoquake which is mentioned here and never will. Mary Poppins I have.

“Come look at this,” Emory said, “there’s a new kind of spider that’s been found in Australia.” He cooed, “It’s cute,” as he clicked on the link to display the mating dance of the little male towards a prospective female mate turning the laptop screen towards Marius.

“Em. I’m studying for an exam here and can’t be wasting my time watching spider porn,” Marius kept his head, as they say, in his book, highlighter poised to mark an important point in the text book.

“Oh come on, it’s a short clip and the little spider is trying so hard to get attention,” Emory persisted. “Besides you’ve been at it for hours. It should be time for a break,” he wheedled, “even a short one?”

Marius’ eyes momentarily came off of the page to glare hard at his roommate lover to utter a firm, “No.”

“You can be are real wet blanket Mari. What would it take to watch a cute ‘itle bitty spider getting his boogey on for a minute?”

“Stud-y-ing,” was the response and Emory gave up with a huff, going back to his own cramming for an upcoming exam which he should have been doing anyway instead of following links on his Facebook account.

It was a week later that a package was delivered for Marius. Emory had picked up his own mail and the guy behind the counter had mentioned it to him to tell his roommate. He looked over the counter at it behind the desk where the attendant had gestured. Flattish, almost book shaped, lay the package. He mentioned it to Marius who had grunted that he’d pick it up sometime soon and had gone back to studying. The package was still there when Emory got his mail the next day and the next.

Spring break was almost upon them, exams taken care of and papers turned in, and Emory was anticipating being able to sleep late cuddled next to Marius without classes to go to and things that needed doing for those classes. His parents were off someplace in Australia having a busman’s holiday and Marius was an orphan with no one to go home to. It would be just the two of them as most of the rest of the people in their building were going home during their time off. Emory had nebulous plans of romantic candle lit meals with wine being the only excursions out of their rooms.

Last day of classes didn’t end all that well, he thought, Marius took a shower and went straight to bed. So he stayed up in the living room watching a horror flick which involved giant spiders and had to watch a short bit off Youtube of songs from Mary Poppins to make it so he could get to sleep without nightmares that would have him waking Marius.

Sliding a hand over the sheets to seek a warm boyfriend would have been a nice way to start the morning, providing one wasn’t already cuddled next to him in which case there were other nicer things to do. He would have done it too if he could move, Emory hazily thought. The sheets must have gotten wrapped around him somehow during his restless sleep, though he didn’t remember any nightmare that would have done that.

“Marius? Marius, a little help,” Emory called out. “Oh God, if I stole all the covers…” He didn’t want to think of the mood Marius might be in.
Cracking his eyes open, he looked down his body at the imprisoning sheet. Red, a red silky sheet that he’d never seen before. He’d know if there’d been one like this in their menu of sheets in the linen closet, it would be used often until it wore out and even then he could think of uses. How difficult would it be to make soft silk pillowcases from the good parts? He squirmed feeling the silk against his bare skin.

“Ah good, you’re awake,” said Marius from the doorway. “Do you know what a spider does after they mate, they eat them. Thought I’d eat you first and then when I’ve got you all limp and mellow … I’d make you pancakes and we can visit the Zoo.”

“Wait, pancakes?”

“You don’t like pancakes? Want something else?” was asked with a smile. “Maybe some loving that doesn’t involve fangs or eight legs?”

Emory grinned, “Two legs are just fine and after watching last night’s Archnoquake, no fangs.” He squirmed, “I don’t mind the eating bit though. I understand spiders suck.” His grin got bigger, "Help."

"Indeed, they do," Marius crawled up the bed over him and kissed his helpless boyfriend.
For Skeptics Secret, who has been singlehandedly keeping this community alive, my attempt at a sunday-snuggle.

Summary : Seb had a plan. until Matt went and ruined it.
Words - 1515

And fic happened..Collapse )
I'm apparently never going to tire of writing werewolves, so have one last one for the last Snuggle of the year. May next year bring me some writing company :]

This was written for the 1000 Themes, for 44. Insanity. Beta'ed once again by the ever-encouraging, grimcognito.

Summary: Of all the ways this could go, Lane never expected this is how it would happen.

So Your Boyfriend's a WerewolfCollapse )

Original: "Happy Holidays." Slash

Happy Holidays guys! This takes place in the same 'verse as last week's snuggle (and you'll recognize some of our players :) ). Hope you guys enjoy and have a great round of holidays.

Again for the 1000 Themes, for theme 48. Holiday. Beta'ed by the ever-lovely, ever-patient grimcognito.

Summary: Avry's been a supernatural tattoo artist for years and dealt with all manner of creature. Somehow, he's never been this nervous before.

Happy HolidaysCollapse )
So finals kicked my ass and screwed my schedule up enough that I didn't remember about Sunday until it was already Tuesday XP Hopefully I'll be able to manage a steady update schedule from here on out. As always, hope some of you will go play with your plot bunnies and join me here. I'm feeling a little lonely ;]

This was written for the 1000 Themes which I'm still trying to get somewhere on. This is for theme 42. Fairy Tale. Beta'ed by the lovely grimcognito

Summary: Bryant might be afraid of coming on strong, but fate has a way of escalating things.

He Floats Through the AirCollapse )
My friends give me weird prompts when asked and somehow get weirder fics in reply. Beta-ed by the lovely grimcognito.

This is for theme 43. Hunger

Summary: Leil would like nothing more than to ask Astin on a date, but there's something he really has to come clean about first.

If You Give a Ghoul a ClavicleCollapse )
Alright, so I've never actually posted fanfic to this comm, and I haven't seen a whole lot of others here, so I have absolutely no idea whether any of you are even in this fandom, but this is what I've got for this week, so I'll post it and I guess we'll see how many of us share a fandom.

This is from the Teen Wolf fandom.

Summary: There’s a month left before school starts for what will be senior year for most of the Pack, and they’re enjoying the dog days - ha! – of summer as though they are living in an indie coming-of-age movie instead of a real life version of Buffy.

Fake-cut to Ao3 post (in the unlikely event you want to bookmark it)

Original: "Circus Rat." Slash

Alright, I like this community too much to just let it die out. I've finally managed to get myself out of my funk, so hopefully I'll be posting here more regularly now, and hopefully some of you will find your sparks again and join me.

The lovely grimcognito was nice enough to beta for me, and hopefully I've managed to correct everything. Enjoy!

Summary: Ren may have started his life in a circus, but he's found a different life for himself now.

Circus Rat

Original: "Kick in the Head." Slash

Omg, I swear I'm not dead - I've just been pretending for a while. This was originally supposed to be for one of Lt3's challenges, but I fail and only just now managed to finish this. But I managed to finish something? Take your triumphs or whatever.

Anyway, the very lovely grimcognito has been kind enough to beta for me, so hopefully I've managed to fix all the mistakes :]

Also: for no good reason, I'll tell you that this is for theme 31. kick in the head.

Summary: Jake's always been the brains of the outfit. Even if he is a dog.

Kick in the HeadCollapse )


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